Accidents happen.
Are your goods fully insured?

Ocean marine insurance is designed to cover various hazards related to the movement of cargo. Risks are unavoidable in the shipment of goods. The cargo maybe loaded, unloaded and trans-shipped at several ports. Travel on the ocean provides it own dangers and risks.

Accidents can and do happen, and may involve your cargo one day. Almost half of all cargo in transit is insufficiently insured. Consignees and shippers are often not aware of who is at risk and who is liable. The Steamship Lines that carry your cargo can and do limit their liabilities, which are often significantly lower than the value of your cargo. It must be proven that the carrier is liable for the damages and the law only requires an insurable amount of $500.00 per package.

Comprehensive, all-risk marine insurance.

This insurance covers you against loss of or damage to goods. Interglobal Shipping, in partnership with Carl Schroeter GmbH, Bremen, can provide cargo insurance to meet all logistics needs. The marine insurance policy could include such risks as theft, sea water damage, shortage, contamination, fire, explosion, loss overboard, defects in the ship that cause damage, and other perils. Premiums are based on several factors such as type of cargo, cargo value etc. A custom-designed plan is developed to guarantee the most competitive rates and best available coverage.

Ask our office staff to quote you for a marine insurance policy and advise us when you make your booking, if you require coverage through us.

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